Murder suspect to remain in custody

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 00:00 |
The suspect in lawyer Elizabeth Koki’s murder case, Christian Kadima when he was arraigned at the Mavoko Law Courts yesterday. Photo/PD/CHARLES MATHA

Nyaboga Kiage 

When Eloges Paul Christian Kadima Mwambay a foreigner accused of murdering Ms Elizabeth Koki, a Kenyan lawyer at her home in Syokimau, Machakos county, is put on the dock on January 25, 2020 — two persons of interest hope to be present in the courtroom. 

Beatrice and Miranda (Sir names withheld) who are South African nationals have since the arrest of the suspect been closely working with Kenyan detectives and the  International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) and hope that they will fly from Johannesburg to Nairobi ahead of the start of the trial. 

In an interview with People Daily, the two said that they are amongst the many victims of Kadima in South Africa and have a lot of interest in the case that he is facing in Kenya. 

Yesterday, Kadima was arraigned at Mavoko Law Courts and the police were allowed by Principal Magistrate Benard Kasavuli to detain him at Mlolongo Police Station for 14 more days to allow them to conclude the investigations.

Police sought more time to complete investigations into the suspect’s real identity with immigration records showing he arrived in the country with Nigerian papers from South Africa and the crime he allegedly committed last week over the murder.

Two victims 

The ruling was received with celebrations by the two victims who say they will do all it takes to ensure he family of the deceased lawyer gets justice since the suspect, they claimed, has a history of assaulting women and even strangled one of them.

Investigations by People Daily reveal that Ms Koki who fell out with the father of her two kids had reached out to a number of ex-lovers who once dated Mr Kadima inquiring whether he had a history of assaulting them.

A detective privy to the ongoing investigations who spoke in confidence said that they had been made aware that the deceased had severally tried to do away with Kadima who she met at a gymnasium where he was an instructor in vain.

In one of the conversations, Koki reached to one of the ladies who once dated the foreigner and asked for her number saying that she had been assaulted.

When the lady replied and shared her phone number Koki neither responded nor called her.

Threatened assault

It has been claimed Kadima usually threatened his victims of assault whenever they tried to take action against him.

Miranda yesterday told People Daily that they were contemplating on whether they will start a fundraiser in order to get money they will use as air ticket. 

“This is something that I have been thinking and I’m not sure how we can start raising funds so that we make it to Kenya,” she said, adding that her joy will be seeing Kadima pay for the evils he did while in South Africa. 

The lady said that if the Kenyan Judiciary system allows Skype calls, they will also be glad to share the information they have which will assist in getting justice. 

Miranda was the last lady Kadima assaulted in South Africa before he fled to Kenya in mid-September 2017.  

For Beatrice, she says she would be very glad to see that Kadima is paying for all the evils he has done to ladies that she knows at a personal level and those that she has never met. 

Ms Beatrice who says failed to get justice when they were embroiled in a court case said that through her lawyer Kevin Muchiri she was in contact with detectives who are following up the matter. 

“He is one man who has a class of women who he starts a relationship with. He preys on women who have relationship issues, you must have a job or some sense of independence. He is very strategic on who he goes after,” she said. 

“We are not going to leave him in peace until we ensure that he is jailed in Kenya since his 40 days are now here,” she said. 

According to her, she was aware of several women in South Africa who suffered while in a relationship with the suspect but opted to forgive him. 

Kenyan detectives piecing together details of the case have been contacting several countries which Kadima is believed to have lived in, to get more details about the suspect whose nationality remains a mystery. 

The countries of interest include; South Africa, Dubai and Angola - it is believed that the suspect assaulted a number of women in the three countries. 

This week, one of the women who suffered in his hands is expected to record a statement at the DCI headquarters located along Kiambu road. 

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