Murang’a: Women protest over theft of panties

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 12:14 |
Women from Gaturi in Murang'a protest over theft of panties on Monday April 27. PHOTO/PD-Njange Maina

A group of women from Mwirua village in Muranga County on Monday protested over theft of their panties from their homes.

The women said the bizarre thieves were picking women underwear left to dry on the cloth line. What puzzled them more is that the thieves are not stealing anything else.

Some of the women said they had resulted in carrying their inner garments in their bags as the 'pantie thieves' are even breaking into houses to look for the women underwear.

"We are worried because these thieves are stealing women and girls' underwear while leaving men's on the line. We don't know what our children shall wear when schools re-open," said one of the women.

The puzzled villagers could not understand the rare theft beyond conspiracies.

"I am hearing they are using our panties to make face masks. One pantie can make two face masks," said a villager

"For the big-sized underwear, I am hearing it can make five face masks or even more," added the villager.

Another connected the theft to occult saying underwear could be accessories to witchcraft.

"Maybe these thieves do not want our young girls to give birth when they come of age. I think they want to kill their 'Mandacu' (sexual health)," added another women.

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