Murang’a quarantine cases rise to 98, confirms official

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 00:00 |
Murang’a quarantine cases rise to 98, confirms official.

The number of people in isolation in Murang’a county has risen to 98. The county chief executive officer for Health James Gitau said the number has grown due to the enhance efforts to trace the contacts of the people who came from countries which have reported corona virus.

Last week only 29 had been in isolation and the number had shot up three-fold.

Gitau said the 98 shall remain in isolation for 14 days and they shall be under monitoring by the medics.

Addressing the press in Murang’a, the chief officer said there is a technical team, which is monitoring the situation on the ground.

“The people we have put on isolation are the ones who came into contact with their kin who came from abroad,” he said.

He said the county has put in place a raft of measures to ensure the residents are safe from the virus.

The measures include fumigation of the market places and matatu terminus and providing sanitisers to the members of the public.

He also said there are two isolation wards at Murang’a District Hospital and Muriranjas hospital in Kahuro.

“We shall also be identifying the schools which will be used as centres to accommodate the patients as per the directive of the government,” he said.

Other reports indicated that three people who came from Germany and have been on isolation went to the hospital after exhibiting signs of the Covid-19.

The three were taken in and had several tests taken and are awaiting confirmation.

Gitau said though no case of coronavirus has been reported in the area people should be cautious and follow the guidelines issued by the government to keep it at bay.

“We pray that no case will be reported in Murang’a, but we are doing all we can to ensure the residents are safe,” he added.

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