Murang’a eminent persons condemn Kenol chaos

Monday, October 5th, 2020 13:45 |

The council of Eminent Persons from Murang'a has said its on a mission to reconcile the local leaders as well as redeem the image of the county.

The council's chair Joseph Kibe said its sad to see the county has been turned into a political battle field due to division among the leaders.

Addressing the media in Murang'a, Kibe said this is a major concern and calls for swift measures to be taken to curb the trend.

"We have ahd a series of incidents where violence has been witnessed as leaders and their supporters clash and this is ruining the image of our county" he said.

The chairman said the council has been holding a series of meetings with leaders to see if it can be able to bring the leaders together and make them set aside their differences.

"We always invite leaders in our meetings and not at anytime have they ever disagreed with our proposals" he said.

Kibe said the leaders should be focusing on development which would help the residents instead of flexing their political muscles against each other.

His sentiments were echoed by Nyamu Njoka the secretary to the council who said fighting among the leaders will not solve anything urging the leaders to unite and purpose to work together for the people.

"Leaders should cultivate peace as they are the role models in the society" said Njoka.

He also castigated political leaders for using the youth in the war front saying they should be focusing on empowering them instead of misusing them.

"We should be having debate on how to empower our young people who are jobless and rescue those who have indulged into alcoholism and drug abuse" he said.

Murang'a, he said has been marked as one of the hostile counties and this might repel prospective investors in the area.

"The latest trail of politically instigated act of violence and hooligansim has created fear and insecurity among the residents" he remarked.

Gideon Githiga a member of the council called upon the leaders to embrace political tolerance towards each other and avoid causing divisions among the people.

He also urged the church leaders to avoid entertaining politicians in the church in the name of seeking development funds.

"The churches will still do well with the support of the congregation and they should stop pegging their hope on politicians" he said.

Additional Reporting by Njange Maina

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