Mudavadi warns politicians against reckless remarks

Saturday, September 12th, 2020 15:01 |
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has urged leaders to tame their tongues to avoid stirring up tensions.

Mudavadi has warned that harsh utterances by some leaders could pile up tension in the country and cause unrest among the people.

Speaking in Murang'a during the funeral of Gaturi Member of County Assembly Kiiru Mwangi, the former Vice President said leaders should embrace political tolerance and avoid inciting their communities against each other.

He said abusive and divisive politics are a recipe for chaos and instability in the country.

"We lost thousands of people and property destroyed because of poor politics and we should not allow the same situation to happen again," he said.

"Each leader is entitled to their political right but this does not mean they should attack each other in public" he added.

He urged leaders to exercise integrity and focus on stabilizing the country by bringing people together.

Mudavadi said even as the 2022 general elections draws near, politicians should not be reckless in actions and utterances as they seek to gain political mirage.

"Elections will come and go but we have to put in mind what damage our word or actions will do in this country," he added.

At the same time, the ANC leader urged the president to put more effort in fighting graft saying the vice risks crippling the economy.

"Corruption in this country is too much and the government has to act accordingly and stem it," he said.

"We need to see heads rolling, let those people involved in corruption be charged and they surrender what they have looted" he added.

Mudavadi also cautioned the government to check on its expenditure and minimize borrowing to safeguard the economy.

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