Mt Kenya ready to support any presidential candidate – Martha Karua

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 06:42 |
NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua.Photo/File.

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua has said Mt Kenya region is ready to support any presidential candidate who will take care of their interests.

Karua said the region is coming together to vote as a block so that it can have bargaining power with any presidential candidate because of their numerical strength.

"We have a date next week for the validation process in Limuru. We shall then agree to take that wish list to whichever presidential candidate we support and as the candidates come to campaign in our region, we expect them to respond to the issues," Karua said when she appeared on Citizen TV on Tuesday evening.

Karua further said the leaders from the region have a right to caucus to champion for their community interests.

"The rate of attrition for serving elected leaders is high but we cannot ignore elected leaders and other leaders. The Mt Kenya Unity Forum has intentions of calling leaders. We cannot fear to even acknowledge that we come from a specific region that has needs. I intend to caucus as a leader. I will not be made to fear," she stated.

She said those who are jostling for positions are doing so in their own interests not the region's interests.

"I am from the Mt Kenya region and I do not know that positions are being shared evenly. It has been a case of who knows who and we have to start blaming individuals, not regions, for such appointments," she added.

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