Mt Kenya leaders to form team for BBI popularity campaigns

Monday, January 11th, 2021 00:00 |
Kirinyaga senator Charles Kibiru. Photo/PD/FILE

Leaders from Mt Kenya region have selected a five-member team to  spearhead the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) campaigns in the area in a bid to popularise it.

The team will be led by Kirinyaga senator Charles Kibiru and assisted by Igembe North and Deputy Majority whip in the National Assembly Maoka Maore. 

The team was selected after three hours closed-door meeting in one of the hotels in Murang’a County on Saturday.

National Assembly Leader of Majority leader Amos Kimunya told a press conference that the team, with the help of other leaders, would lead in the popularisation of the BBI document.

Kimunya said lack of adequate information on the report  has been causing confusion to the people. 

He said they will do massive sensitization to the people before  the referendum is conducted. 

“We want people to understand what is contained in the document and the benefits they stand to gain from it” said Kimunya.

“If people get to know the content of the report then they will understand why we are telling them to support it” he added.

He said the leaders have agreed to work as a team to ensure BBI gains popularity and its accepted by the locals.

He said out of the 91 leaders from the region, only 15 were not working with his group but efforts are being made to pull them back. 

Kibiru on his part said there have been deliberate efforts to misinform people about BBI in order to discredit and make it unpopular in the region.

“We shall use all available platforms to teach people about it because we want them to understand what it entails” he said. 

Kibiru said BBI holds the key to securing economic and political stability in the country which are key elements in development. 

He said this is not a political contest as it focuses on helping the common person and thus the leaders should join hands in ensuring it sails through. 

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