Msambweni parliamentary aspirants decry new curfew rules

Monday, November 9th, 2020 00:00 |
President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Munira Mandano

Candidates for the Msambweni parliamentary seat are crying foul after President Uhuru Kenyatta banned all political gatherings to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

 Uhuru suspended rallies for 60 days and extended countrywide curfew.

 Speaking to People Daily, Marere wa Mwachai, a National Vision party candidate said the new corona measures are quite a challenging since she is forced to move door-to-door to campaign.

“It is very challenging and costly. Since Msambweni has five wards and over 60 village units, I do not know how I will reach all these areas yet most of the people live in remote areas,” She said. 

Wiper Party candidate Shee Mahmoud also said even the option of conducting their campaigns as town hall meetings will still be a challenge since most of the areas are remote and have no social halls around them.

 Feiswal Abdalla Bader, an Independent candidate sponsored by Deputy president William Ruto noted that the national government could exempt the Covid-19 measures from the areas that are holding by-elections.

 “With the new corona measures, the government could exempt all these areas that are having by-elections.

Because how will we campaign without political gatherings?” Feiswal posed.

Economic Democracy candidate Ali Hassan Mwakulonda added that mobilising of small groups during this campaign period is very tough and costly for him.

 “With these new measures put in place I do not think if I will finish campaigning the whole constituency. Honestly it is very tough. Mobilizing the small groups for campaigns is not easy.

It is much easier dealing with a huge gathering than the small groups,” Mwakulonda said. 

Khamisi Mwakaonje a candidate on United Green Movement Party, however, appealed to president Uhuru Kenyatta to ease the measures in all the areas holding by elections within the country.

 “I appeal to the President to ease these measures until the mini poll is over,” Mwakaonje said. However, Omar Boga, the ODM party candidate declined to comment on the matter saying he was unwell.

 “I have not been well. My bodyguard and I tested positive for Coronavirus. Let my people in Msambweni know that I contracted this disease and that they should be careful and follow all the protocols,” he said.

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