MP’s bodyguard allegedly kills bouncer at nightclub in Kiambu

Thursday, October 1st, 2020 11:01 |

A bodyguard attached to Githunguri Member of Parliament Kago wa Lydia has been arrested after he allegedly shot and killed a bouncer at a popular nightclub in Kiambu Town on Wednesday night.

In the midnight incident that happened at Lounge 54-Riverside which is about 200 meters from Kiambu Police Station, Dennis Wainaina, who is an Administration Police officer, is reported to have fired twice at the bouncer known as Makanga.

According to witnesses, the officer, who was reported to have been unruly, had engaged in an almost bar brawl with other revelers forcing the bouncer to eject him.

However, after being escorted outside, the officer who was arrested this morning at his residence in Umoja Estate in the outskirts of Kiambu Town, drew his pistol and shot Makanga it the neck from behind.

“The officer had developed an unruly behavior. He first engaged in a war of words with a female reveler who was forced to leave after the confrontation degenerated to a heated exchange. He then moved to another table where he started hurling insults at other patrons and the bar almost turned chaotic,” a witness said.

He added: “The bouncer grabbed him and dragged him outside. As this was happening, the officer kept saying that he would teach him a lesson and that he should know people. In less than two minutes, we heard two gunshots and on rushing to check what was happening, we found the bouncer laying on the ground while bleeding profusely.”

Other patrons who were in the establishment and police officers from the adjacent Kiambu G.K Prison were mobilized to rush the victim to Radiant Hospital within the town where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

After the incident, the officer rushed to his residence where he locked himself inside the house and according to sources with the police, he had threatened to shoot his family or commit suicide to discourage them from arresting him.

He later surrendered and was taken to Kiambu Police Station after being tricked that the victim was not dead.

Police have launched investigations into the matter.

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