MPITO EP – by Gabiro Mtu Necessary and Asen B

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 00:00 |

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Coming from the Kiswahili word meaning transition, the project has seen both artistes join forces to collaborate on this infectious summer Extended Play (EP).

The six-track dancehall EP was released on July 23, 2020, and contains every element to get the listeners reminiscing, singing, and having it on re-play. 

Mpito takes the listener on a musical journey with African-flavoured beats, drifty uplifting rhythms and infectious energy.

The vocals and instrumentation work seamlessly together in every track to give room for a must-listen record.

I also find the story-telling lyricism paired with the feel-good vocals so captivating to have listeners relating to certain situations in their lives.

The engaging melody and beats with each track give the vocals an intimate and euphoric feeling.

Songs such as Kesho and Anakuona will have listeners wanting more. Undoubtedly, the EP merges the innate talent of both the Kisumu-based artistes.

Their unique style and sound are profoundly manifested in Mpito, an aspect that would give you every reason to add this release to your bangers playlist.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a difficult and stressful topic, but both artistes manage to concentrate on the positive things and are looking ahead for great times. Score: 8/10

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