MP wants Kenyan airlines compelled to act over farting passengers

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 16:45 |
Parliament in session. Photo/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Parliament now wants antacids supplied in aircrafts to be given to passengers with stomach discomforts caused by farting travelers which has become a menace.

Contributing to the Offences and Certain Acts committed on Board Aircrafts (MontrealProtocal, 2019), Rangwe MP Lillian Gogo, said farting in aircraft is an irritant which is normally ignored.

“Other than other known areas which can cause insecurity and discomfort among passengers, the other irritant that is very often ignored is the level of farting, there are some passengers who pass very irritating smell out of their farting,” said Gogo.

The Mp said this can cause if not managed well discomfort and insecurity and a lot of pain to the rest of the passengers.

“We should have systems especially the food that is offered and we should have basic medical systems that are able to reduce the level of gas that one can execute when they are within the flight,” Gogo lamented.

Added theMp, “If there is one irritant that makes many people fight on board is the fart. Farting is terrible within the planes.”

She named the Kisumu/ Nairobi as the notorious one where passengers “release air” at will.

Gogo proposed that aircrafts provide passengers’ with antacids like which she said should be made mandatory.

“Airlines should have basic provisions of medicines like Eno and it’s a practice that should made a law. Many times we find that there are things that can avoided if we have proper systems,” shesaid.

Gogo said companies should have basic medicine other than paracetamol on board.

Temporally Speaker Chris Omulele supported, Gogo’s proposal saying that undeniably farting was a menace in some routes and passengers’ have had to withstand the discomfort throughout the trip.

Gogo also proposed a rule be established by airlines to limit the level of alcohol served to passengers.

She noted that most of the unruly passengers in aircrafts have been found to be drunkafter having exceeded the levels of alcohol supplied.

“Why not introduce levels of the amount of alcohol taken by passengers, most of them end misuse the free liquor offered? She posed.

Mps said there were changes that needed to be done by the community of nations includingthe improvement of training of crew members on how to treat misbehaving travelers.

“They need to be made aware that if one is mismanaging alcohol then the crew should managethe limits of the levels of alcohol passengers take,” said Gogo.

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