MP says ‘hustler vs dynasty’ narrative should be criminalised

Sunday, January 24th, 2021 17:33 |
National Assembly Security Committee chairman Paul Koinange.

Parliamentary Administration and Security Committee Chairman Paul Koinange has called for criminalisation of the 'hustler versus dynasty' narrative.

He said that the narrative should be treated as hate speech tailored to incite Kenyans against each other and hence those using it  to advance their political fortunes ought to be prosecuted.

Koinange who is also the Kiambaa Member of Parliament (MP) reiterated that the narrative is likely to drive the country into civil strife and prevailed upon DP William Ruto and his supporters to desist from using it lest it boomerangs to them.

"The hustler versus dynasty thing is very dangerous and can plunge the country into chaos. It should dawn on those using it to gain political that in case war breaks in the country, they will also suffer," he said.

The chairman said President Uhuru Kenyatta is the 'Mt.Kenya Kingpin' and locals should patiently wait for him to give them the political direction the region will take during the 2022 General Elections.

"No one should imagine that we shall follow them blindly or scatter in all directions ostensibly because Uhuru will not be contesting the Presidency in 2022. He is and will remain as our political kingpin and we shall go where he will shepherd us," he said.

Koinange challenged Ruto and his allies to resign from both the Government and the Jubilee party if they feel uncomfortable, instead of attacking and mocking President Uhuru Kenyatta who has housed them.

"It would be prudent for one to resign and seek fresh mandate from Wanjiku if you are not happy with Uhuru. It's very strange because he (DP) sits in cabinet meetings with Uhuru only to  make noise in the public arenas," he said.

The MP was speaking at Sahara West Hotel in Ruaka on Saturday after a Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) sensitization meeting attended by opinion leaders drawn from his constituency. 

The attendants, were taken through the BBI's most contentious issues including governance, devolution, inclusivity and representation by lawyer Mburu Machua.

He said that most of those opposing it are yet to read or be informed about it's contents but are doing so because of what he termed as mere propaganda being spread by Uhuru's enemies.

He added; "BBI will be the voice of the people. We are a hard-working people and we can't allow power hungry individuals to turn us into a bunch of handout dependants."

He rubbished claims that BBI is unpopular in Mt.Kenya region saying that on the contrary, the document will receive an overwhelming support following the intensive civic education going on across the region.

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