MP in desperate bid to meet Uhuru over job

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 10:58 |
Parliament in session. Photo/PD/FILE

MP in desperate bid to meet Uhuru over job

And still on politics, an MP allied to Tanga Tanga wing of Jubilee is a troubled man as he moves from one office to another looking for influential officials to intervene in his case.

The man from Western Kenya, who currently holds a senior position in Parliament, has been trying to get access to President Uhuru Kenyatta in order to save him from being fired from his position due to his political leaning, which appears to have earned him a negative tag. And sadly, the clock ticks…

How all talk, no action senator failed Kindiki

A controversial Senator from the Mt Kenya region sneaked out of the Senate last Friday to avoid participating in the removal of Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki.

The lawmaker, who has been known to speak boldly against the government, had earlier made a scathing attack against apparent forces behind the removal of Kindiki and vowed to go down fighting for the former university lecturer.

The Senator was, however, missing when his vote was needed to save Kindiki.

Alcohol-loving deputy governor faces divorce

The marriage of a female deputy governor is reportedly on the rocks.

The county deputy boss has reportedly been hooked to the bottle to such an extent that she spends most of her time in drinking dens in the company of some men, to the chagrin of her husband.

Word also has it that the deputy governor has been having an extramarital affair with one of the county CECs.

Its a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost.

Where has youthful city MP disappeared to?

Voters in one of the constituencies in the city are completely at sea over the whereabouts of their youthful legislator.

Word going around the constituency has it that the MP, who was elected to the august house due to his age, has not been seen since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The man seems to have even vacated his city home, leaving his aides and supporters in total darkness. Mheshimiwa, mheshimiwa… where art thou?

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