MP Didmus Barasa responds to whether he’s ex-army captain or masquerader

Monday, May 10th, 2021 23:02 |
Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa

Hours after People Daily ran a story titled Is Didmus Barasa ex-army captain or a masquerade?, the vocal Kimili MP has come out to respond.

The story poked holes in the MP's claims that he served in the military and rose to the position of a captain as indicated in his CV.

The report also questioned whether he worked in the military for a period of six years and the timelines of his service.

His other work experiences and the academic journey was also put into question as emerging information, highlighted in the story, brought to the fore contradictions of sorts.

Speaking to the press in his constituency, the MP responded to how his academic credentials have no relation to his leadership abilities.

"There is a newspaper that reported that I am not a professor and that I am not that learned. When I was looking for votes, did I say I am a learned fellow?" he posed.

"I competed against very learned fellows in the last elections but I trounced them all. I have done much more developments and built at least 16 schools," he added.

The MP is on the EACC and DCI radar for providing misleading information on his former jobs and academic qualifications while seeking to be a Member of Parliament.

People Daily established that contrary to his assertion that he has served in the military for six years and rose to a rank of a captain, the MP did not serve for more than two years and never got such honours.

Moreover, the paper authoritatively found that Didmus had provided contradictory information on his work status, something that could haunt him in future.

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