Moses Kuria is the missing link in DP Ruto’s running-mate puzzle

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 01:58 |


Never judge a book by its cover is a common idiomatic expression that has for long lingered in the hearts and minds of those who got an opportunity to learn the colonial ‘Queen’s English’ that arguably resonates for the larger part of the Kenyan population. This expression has never changed in meaning and avers that what is merely on the surface does not qualify as a conclusive view to a person’s demeanor or nature and that one should dig deeper to know the character of an individual before attempting to create an opinion of them.

This is why Moses Kuria, though initially coming out as a flimsy politician when he began his political career, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has transformed into a leader who is committed to serving Kenyans and uplifting their economic livelihoods as has been experienced in his own constituency. To his constituents, the gallant MP has been their hero when it comes to fighting the pangs of poverty and ensuring that the sons and daughters of Gatundu South access bursary for the purpose of supporting their education.

Going beyond the boundaries of his constituency, the MP has even stepped out of his mandate to advice his counterpart and friend Kanini Kega over an importation of onions that was apparently killing the income of onion farmers in Kieni urging him to protect his constituents and their source of livelihoods. All this was out of concern of the people as he understands that a leadership role transcends that which may be poised to divide or cause limitations of any nature. For Kuria, their differences in political ideologies are not a hinderance to their interaction as leaders.

In many instances, Moses Kuria has been termed as a hero of the people as many have seen his ardent support for those aggrieved. Back in 2020, arched by demolitions that took place in Ruai and Kariobangi, Kuria penned down a heart wrenching statement where he argued on the rights of Kenyans while mentioning his beliefs in honour and dignity of Kenyans. Again, on resource allocation, he has in numerous times supported the ‘One man one shilling vote’ grounding his arguments on fairness in principle and in practice, as for him, any idea that benefits the people is worth its adoption. It is through these concerted efforts that he earned the name ‘njabaa ya ruririi’ that equalizes to a hero in the Agikuyu language.

The many missed and denied opportunities, have never curtailed Moses Kuria’s willingness to interact with Kenyans as his leadership style is engrained on the need to understand Kenyans of different cadres and how to forge a united front towards enhancing development. This is why Moses Kuria is a likely kingmaker for Deputy President William Ruto as he is widely appreciated by Kenyans from different walks of life. This is every reason why his initially little known and small party the ‘People’s Empowerment Party’, PEP was able to trounce other larger parties in the Juja Parliamentary by-election by a wide margin as well as secure Gaturi ward in Murang’a. It would therefore be a big mistake for Dr. Ruto to fail to have him as a running mate as his initial priority is pegged on serving Kenyans, for Kenya needs leaders who are out to serve the interests of the people regardless of their cadre in society and more so their political affiliation. Besides, the MP has been on the forefront campaigning for the hustler nation and has proven to be a key asset in the DP’s camp

Moses Kuria being a man of the people, has a persuasive touch that draws together Kenyans even from Nyanza, Western and Coastal region. To many he is progressively transforming into a key asset and a political stalwart for the Tanga Tanga wing of politicians as he is able to easily connect with Kenyans at the grass root level.

But yet again, no leader is perfect and truly speaking Moses Kuria has his own ills as an individual, having even had run-ins with President Uhuru Kenyatta. But what stands out for him is his speed and sincerity in apologizing and finding truce among his supposed enemies. Moses Kuria is always quick to apologize, not because it will taint him as a weakling but that he understands the importance of having harmony among leaders, especially for one positioning himself to be Kenya’s second in command. For his utterances, the man from Gatundu has made a deliberate effort to clean up his closet paying keen attention on what he says to the public.

Even as actions speak louder than words, people should not be quick to judge over what was termed as a ‘failure’ on the part of Moses Kuria in joining the United Democratic Alliance, UDA. This presumed ‘failure’ is a strategy for the witty politician in crafting and delivering to the Deputy President a formidable force in terms of voters while proving and justifying his worth in becoming the DP’s running mate. Moses Kuria understands the essence of hard work and has never faltered in proving his worth and eventually gain political patronage by right. With statistics indicating that successful coalitions are formed three to four months prior to an election, the larger political class should watch out for this man Moses Kuria as he is likely to bring in a tsunami of Mount Kenya supporters and beyond the region backing him through his People’s Empowerment Party and his other newly formed party, Chama Cha Kazi, once he is crowned the DP’s running mate for the upcoming 2022 General elections.

Ms Chiteri is a communications consultant and graduate student in corporate communication. [email protected]

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