Month we’re allowed to take beer without being stared

Saturday, October 5th, 2019 00:00 |
Beer drink. Photo/Courtesy

Nailantei Norari

It is Octobeer! The one month we are allowed to take beer without being stared at askance by the whisky drinkers who feel superior just because they are taking a 15-year-old and pretending to be enjoying it.

Ok, some actually do enjoy it, but most just love the feel of eyeballs staring at their table with the sparklers and the Singleton or Glenlivet.

This is our time! This is our time to enjoy all the hoppy goodness and frothy bubbles for 30 days straight. Or 31, who is counting instead of drinking anyway?

I mean, in this Nairobi, beer is a safer alternative to tap or even some bottled water, which have micro-plastics!

Here is to a month of light indulging! We mean taking light beers and heavily indulging, mainly because we are all about balance.

We are also not ready to lose all the gains we have sweat so hard for, so the more reason to take a light beer low in sugar and calories.

So I have done some scouring and come up with three sugar-free and light beers to enjoy this beer season.

You can take a few bottles, or many, without the accompanying guilt of taking extra sugar and calories.


Summit was the first market entrant in Kenya to be touted as being sugar-free. A favourite among many who are keen to watch their weight and sugar intake due to either personal or health reasons, the lager is readily available in a green glass bottle. Each bottle is 330ml, an extra 30ml above normal bottles.


This is a malt based light lager, which is also touted as being sugar-free. It is readily available and cheaper than most of the imported beer brands. From the rich malt taste, it is hard to tell that it has no sugar.


This is a malt beer made with malt, hops, cornstarch and water. It is said to contain less calories and less sugar. That it is named after the snow caps of Mt Kenya provides nice imagery to accompany it, no matter where you might be imbibing from.

Whatever your choice of light lager will be, please do enjoy, and responsibly. We, Kenyans, have a great reputation of being good drinkers the world over to live up to. Our pride is at stake!

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