Module for learners and officials on Covid-19 out

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 00:00 |
Pupils in class. Photo/Courtesy

The Ministry of Education yesterday released the training module for learners and education officials on Covid-19 guidelines and health protocols, just days before partial reopening of schools.

Education PS Belio Kipsang said the Ministry will train all stakeholders on safety measures to be put in place to ensure a safe learning environment to ensure adherence to Ministry of Health protocols and in an endeavor to mitigate infections once institutions reopen.

Learners have been cautioned against removing or sharing their masks with anyone.

“The Ministry has developed a training module for learners and trainees, which guides teacher on how to train learners on health and safety procedures they need to adhere to guard against spread of Covid-19,” the PS, who has signed the modules said.

He explained that the learner centered approach adopted by the module gives learners an opportunity to practice health and safety procedures, hence acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them ensure not only their safety but also that of others.

Learners’ fears

Contained in the module is the learners’ training programme, which will run from 8.30am-2pm for Early Years of Education (EYE) and 8.30am-4pm for upper classes.

The module further guides the teacher on how to offer psychosocial support to learners who may have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, even as he urged teachers to optimally utilise the guidelines to ensure learning takes place in a healthy and safe environment.

“The teacher is advised to be creative and innovative and come up with activities and resources that suit specific category of learners.

Special attention should be directed to learners with special needs and disabilities,” the module provides.

It will give the learner information and facts about Covid-9 that will help diminish learners’ fears and anxieties around the disease and support their ability to cope with any secondary impacts in their lives.

The suggested training methodologies include learner centred activities like group work of three learners at least 1 metre apart, singing, role play, poems, demonstrations, making posters, drawing, question and answer.

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