Mochache demands apology from PPRA over role at Kemsa

Monday, September 28th, 2020 01:35 |
Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache.

Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache has demanded for an apology from the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for giving misleading facts on her role in procuring Covid-19 items.

Mochache registered her exception to what she termed as glaring false statements, which PPRA Director General made without seeking any explanation or clarification from her on procurement at Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa).

Set record straight

She said the allegations were made despite the fact that she had set the record straight and exhaustively addressed the matter when she appeared before the National Assembly Department Committee on Health earlier in the month.

“It is discouraging to note that while we worked extremely hard to set the record straight and when the situation had been controlled, your Director General has without proper cause or justification, reignited the matter that is likely to continue damaging the reputation of the Ministry and its officers, particularly myself,” said the PS, in a letter to PPRA Chairperson Andrew Mukite Musangi.

Adding: “In the circumstances, therefore, I write to demand that the Director General or the PPRA itself, give an apology and provide the correct facts in order to set the record straight and bare the truth to the public.”

She said a status report on procurement of Covid-19 related items submitted to her via email on April 1 by Kemsa CEO upon her request showed that the authority had committed to procure Sh2.18 billion worth of items.

Out of this, Sh149 million had been delivered leaving a balance of Sh2.03 billion. She said the commitment was way above the available resources.

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