Minister tips SMEs on how to access faster services from State

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 00:00 |
Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina.

REGISTER: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were yesterday asked to register their associations with the government to make it easier to assist them. 

Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina said having a register of SME associations will enable the government assess the capacity of SMEs in the country, a factor that will come in handy when negotiating trade deals for them within the region.

“For purposes of support by government and for purposes of instilling discipline, it is critical that we are registered,” she said.

Maina spoke in Nairobi when she launched the National Organising Committee of for the 21st East African Community micro, small and medium enterprises (MSES) Trade Fair. 

The Fair will take place from December 9 to 19 this year in Mwanza, Tanzania. It aims to assist over 800 SMEs develop new regional channels and increase their market reach. 

Principal Secretary of Trade, Jonson Weru also called on SMEs to register associations as this would help in regulation and weeding out of rogue elements who give the rest a bad name out there in the international market.

“You have a duty to discipline rogue members within your body,” he said. The annual East African Community exhibition brings together MSMEs from the six partner states for the purpose of opening up new market frontiers for their products.

It also serves to bridge the knowledge and technological gaps between the SMEs and promote the regional integration process.

Vision 2030

Maina said the exhibition will improve the competitiveness of locally produced goods in the current market environment further accelerating the achievement of Vision 2030.

“This also presents an opportunity for EAC member countries to build MSMEs capacity for production and product diversification to ensure their products conform to requirements for designated markets locally, regionally and internationally,” the CS said. 

“We also need to build capacity on access to sufficient knowledge on market access conditions for participating in these markets,” Maina added. 

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