Metito: Tobiko is not a threat to my bid for Kajiado governor seat

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 00:00 |
Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito.

Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito has said his Kajiado East colleague Peris Tobiko joining the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) does not worry him.

Speaking for the first time since Tobiko joined Deputy President Willian Ruto’s camp, Metito said the only candidate he sees as a challenge in the Kajiado governor race is the incumbent Joseph ole Lenku. 

Both Metito (pictured) and Tobiko intend to run for governor on UDA’s ticket.

“The current governor is my main challenger and I cannot underrate him,” he said in Korompoi area.

Metito said he was not intimidated by Tobiko joining Ruto’s party and asked his supporters to embrace her.

“I do not see why supporters should be bitter that Tobiko has joined UDA. As one of the DP’s pointmen, I played a key role in wooing her to join our party.

She is a good team player who can help UDA deliver its manifesto. We previously enjoyed a good working relationship with her.

Nothing has changed and nothing is changing soon,” said Metito.

He said he was certain that by the time party nominations are held, either Tobiko or former Governor David Nkedianye, will have stepped down from the race.

“Soon you will hear one of the candidates has stepped down for another,” he said.

But Nkedianye, who has declared he will be seeking to recapture the seat on  Raila Odinga’s ODM ticket, dismissed Metito’s remarks as baseless.

“UDA have their own battles to deal with and I am in ODM and by no means are we working together because our party interests are totally different,” said Nkedianye. 

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