Mental health blamed as husband commits suicide in Nyamira

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 23:33 |
Members of the public carrying a corpse to a police vehicle: PHOTO/File
Members of the public carrying a corpse to a police vehicle: PHOTO/File

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 13 Simon Nyabarora 57, was found dangling from the top of his house in his bedroom with a manila rope around his neck.

According to the locals and close relatives, the deceased had developed some mental problems that might be the possible cause f him taking his life.

His wife Josephine Nyambarora said she was in the garden when her husband committed suicide.

County Commissioner Amos Mariba in a statement said the cases of suicide in the county are on the rise. He further asked individuals to seek possible solutions and counseling instead of taking life.

“We know our families have serious challenges in this life but we should consider alternative ways of handling such challenges instead of committing suicide. All we have to do is seek possible implementable solution rather than going the suicide way,” he said in a statement.

Cases of suicide have become rampant in Nyamira among the youth and some in their old age hence posing a threat in the families of the diseased.

According to a recent survey carried out by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics between January 2019 and December 2020,

It was established that at least 23 percent of the deaths in Nyamira occur as a result of suicide which has left many families mourning the departure of their beloved once through suicide.

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