Meet Sharon Mwangi an actress, a popular vines artiste

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 00:00 |
Sharon Mwangi is an actress and a popular vines (viral short videos) artiste.

Sharon Mwangi is an actress and a popular vines (viral short videos) artiste taking over online video spaces. Away from the online vibe, she is stylish, with quite an edge. She talks with FAITH KYOUMUKAMA about her style

Just how and when did you start doing vines? 

I started doing vines in 2017 alongside Seth Gor and George Kimani. We are friends and so we would hang out together a lot.

Then we started doing vines, firstly for fun, posted them online and people loved them. And like they say, the rest is history.

How has the journey been like thus far? 

It’s been an amazing experience in that I would have never thought that my life would turn out the way it has. Venturing online has opened many doors of opportunities for me and I am grateful.

Some quarters consider you as the queen of vines in Kenya. How would you rate yourself?

I am not yet the queen of the craft, but I know I was, if not the first, among the first women to do vines in Kenya. But do I consider myself a queen in my world? Yes of course!

Besides all that, you have an appealing sense of style. How would you describe it?

I can’t quite give it a specific description because I don’t think I have found my style yet. But what I am sure of is that I am simplistic. However, I am slowly getting out of my bubble by trying different looks that I wouldn’t normally go for.

What’s usually the reaction when people see you in person? Well, most people are usually surprised if not just a bit. Many times I get comments such as “you look way better in person”.

I would assume it’s because on social media, my character is that of a traditional African mum. I don’t know why people think that in real life I would be dressed in my acting costume and act the character.

Take us through your hair journey and transition?

When it comes to hair, I hardly ever step out of my comfort zone, but that changed recently. For a while, I had been thinking about shaving my hair, just to switch up the looks.

So, on my birthday this year, I decided to do it and give it some character by adding some colour. It’s now blonde; quite daring, but I am absolutely loving it.

What kind of events do you find hardest to dress up for?

It gets hard to dress myself up for events that come with a dress code. In such situations, I usually get a stylist to dress me up and that makes everything a smooth sail. 

Take us through your grooming routine?

Mine is just a simple everyday routine that I have stuck to for quite a long time now. Just jelly, I fill in my eyebrows, some times apply a bit of concealer for my dark circles and lip-gloss.

For events or a night out, I do full face make-up that is usually complimented by a bold lipstick.

Which fashion house is your favourite when it comes to designer wear?

That has to be Alexander McQueen. They have unique statement pieces.

If you could trade characters with anyone else for their fashion looks, who would it be?

Rihanna. Her looks are fierce and she doesn’t play by any fashion rule and still manages to stand out. If given a chance, I would raid her closet.

What’s your best fashion buy this year?

I got a really good pair of heels. They are so comfortable and pairs well with almost everything in my closet.

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