Meet Kitole Kenda, an artiste with a knack for fashion

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 00:00 |
Kitole Kenda, an artiste with a knack for fashion.

KITOLE KENDA is an artiste and fashion designer. He runs his fashion business under his company Kenda Apparel. He chats with JASMINE ATIENO on his style preferences

Before we talk matters fashion, tell us about your new music album Mosaic.

It is a 14-track album from my self-styled ‘Swahiblu’ genre, which is heavily influenced by the Swahili culture with dance rhythms and soul sounds. Mosaic is all about love and my everyday experiences. 

What does your clothline Kenda Apparel deal with specifically?

Kenda Apparel is a cloth design and manufacturing company that offers its services to small and large-scale consumers. Kenda is a Bantu word meaning nine.

This number represents change, progress, innovation and humanitarianism.

At the company, we are all about pushing boundaries in Afro urban fashion and technology, while ensuring a positive impact on the society.  

How is the juggle between school, music and the fashion world?

Juggling, especially between music and school has never been easy. I remember getting a recording deal that made me miss out two semesters. I made a decision to drop the deal to complete my studies first.

The fashion company started when I got back in my third year in campus in 2013.

It has, however, grown since then although we’ve faced a myriad of challenges, but we’ve remained focused and resilient. 

What do you consider when designing for a client?

First of all, as a designer, you have to consider the client’s style and likes and making sure that the end product is of high quality.

This ensures client loyalty and has been one of the things that have kept us going.

How would you describe your style?

I am a generally laid-back kind of a person, but sociable at the same time. My style goes hand-in-hand with my personality; it’s easy and laid-back.

What is the most valuable item in your wardrobe?

Although it’s not a fashion item, I sincerely value my phone because of my contacts. It is said your network is your worth.

I wear expensive shoes and glasses, but all these are replaceable and can’t compare to the contacts I have.

Or you could say my aura; I wear it on a daily basis because I could dine with presidents and not feel out of place. 

Which item has the most sentimental value to you?

My ring. I have had it for 15 years now and I live everyday towards turning my dreams into my realities. 

Do you have a favourite look?

Not really. I love having a laid back yet easy look that I can step into a boardroom and hit the club with it afterwards.

Although I rarely go clubbing, I prefer private time at a villa with food and drinks and close company. 

What’s your favourite fragrance?

I have no specific brand, but something that lasts long and smooth-smelling. Hugo Boss, 1Million and Blue for Men have some nice ones.

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