Meet Kerry Munene, 21, is a natural hair, fashion and lifestyle content creator

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 00:00 |
Kerry Munene.

When did your interest in fashion start?

I have always loved fashion ever since I was young. Even as a teenager, I loved styling and pairing different pieces to see how they would look together.

I realised I might be onto something when I began to get a lot of compliments about my outfits on Sundays during church.

I, however, started taking it seriously in 2018 when I started a fashion line called Mairu. It is not active anymore, but I definitely learnt a lot helming it.

Why did you start your YouTube channel?

I started Mairu’s Space in 2018, with a main agenda to practice the journalism skills I was learning in class.

Now, I just like sharing joy and hope with my followers. I hope it lights up the day of anyone who comes across it.

I also use my social media pages to share snippets from my life and style tips and tricks for both fashion and natural African hair.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

Everywhere. My first style inspiration was my mum; she still is. She has a level of class that I aspire to achieve one day.

I really admire how she carries herself with confidence. And yes, it could be a post on Instagram, a person I meet in the streets or someone I view online that sparks a great outfit idea.

Does fashion and image have meaning to you?

To me, they are a way to express myself and my art. I express my personality in the looks I create.

I also use fashion as a tool to give myself confidence. A power outfit works great even when you are feeling a bit unsure of yourself.

How can you describe your style?

My fashion sense is classy with a little bit of edge. I enjoy timeless pieces, but will also incorporate the latest trends in my outfits.

I love the balance I have achieved in my wardrobe now. Before, I would either chase after the latest trends or completely protest against them.

Now, I know my style and will simply pick things that work for me, while remaining true to my fashion style.

Do you have a signature look?

Definitely. When in doubt, I often go for a white shirt, blue jeans and some heels or sneakers depending on the occasion. It is my default outfit.

Share with us some natural hair styling tricks?

Less is more; whether it is with products or with styling. Also, experiment. You never know what new styles you will discover and fall in love with.

Which is the best fashion item that you own?

Without a doubt, my thigh-high black boots. Those shoes have saved a sister!

What’s your fashion pet peeve?

Believe it or not, it’s the ‘fashion police’. I believe people should be allowed to wear what makes them feel confident. And what is right for you is not necessarily right for me.

Which Kenyan fashion brands do you like?

Right now, I am crazy about Hekaya, Itikadi, and Siri Studio. But on matters styling, I admire icons, such as Joy Kendi, Temina, Sharon Mundia, Mihlali Ndamase and Lerato.

A piece of advice you’d love to share with someone keen on becoming a fashion influencer?

Start now and believe in yourself; everyone has something to share. Believe in your voice!

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