Meet John Kingori, Camp Manager Ekorian’s Mugie Camp

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 00:00 |
John Kingori, Camp Manager Ekorian’s Mugie Camp.

What inspired you to work in the tourism industry?                  

My journey began way back in high school. I loved Geography and that inspired me to take up tourism as soon as I finished school.

I got an opportunity to study Tourism Management at the University of Eldoret in 2013 and graduated in 2017. 

After campus, my first job was an internship with the Laikipia Tourism Association in Nanyuki, which is hammered by Laikipia Wildlife Forum.

There, I was the representative of Laikipia Tourism Private Sector. Being that it was a new organisation and I was the first person to start it as the administrative secretary, it was a demanding role as it was a programme that was membership driven and our work was to get members to subscribe to the association and articulate client membership benefits and accomplishments.

I worked with them for about a year and a half before another opportunity came knocking and I got my second job as a lodge manager at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp. 

What are some of the activities that one can experience at your camp?

Ekorian’s Mugie camp is a family-friendly camp that has six tents  out of which we have two family tents.

The two tents have annexes where families travelling with children can stay.

There are also lots of activities that family or even friends can engage in such as camel riding, kayaking at our dam, which is one of the signature experiences by Magical Kenya, game drives with a rich wildlife species, bird watching, guided walks swimming, among other activities. 

What was it like when Magical Kenya named your Kayaking offering as a signature experience?

It was all smiles for everyone at the camp, because it’s not just kayaking, but other experiences that are offered alongside kayaking, which are enhanced by our team of 20.

It’s through their hard work and commitment in providing personalised experiences that our offering was qualified.  

What can you say about Laikipia as a tourism destination?      Laikipia is one of the best destinations in the country.

It boasts of wonderful attractions, such as safari tourism, which is a major attraction in the country, and wilderness.

This is found mostly in private and community wildlife conservancies and in Laikipia is where we have had the most stable wildlife population and unique wildlife species, such as wild dogs, rhinos both black and white. It’s also a multicultural county with lots of communities living here.

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