Meet Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya a screen darling for many

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 17:12 |
Azziad Nasenya.

Internet sensation AZZIAD NASENYA might have just started, but she is already a screen darling for many. The second year broadcast journalism student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication talks to ADALLA ALLAN on her content creation and acting prowess 

AZZIAD @adalla_allan

You recently blew up the Internet with the Utawezana challenge. What inspired you to jump on it?

Basically, this was not my first challenge on TikTok. I had done several others before, only that this was the most viral.

Frequently, songs do come up and people hop on to the challenges, so when I bumped into the first Utawezana challenge videos, I went ahead and gave it a try and the rest is history.

Your challenge video added to the virality of the Utawezana by Femi One and Mejja. How did the artistes react to it?

Femi One was so glad as my video became the most shared on the challenge.

She reached out to me shortly after the video had went viral and she wanted to give me a Utawezana T-shirt and a gift hamper with some good stuff inside. 

What do you think makes your videos on TikTok unique from the millions of others on the platform?

Personally, I just think that it is the versatility and the fact that I do almost everything in the entertainment industry.

I lip sing, I use my acting skills and then I dance on my videos. I guess that’s why my videos stand out.

When did you start acting?

My acting career officially kicked off in December 2017 after finishing high school. I joined the Hearts of Art group and I have been acting with them to date.

I have done some couple of films that are yet to be released to the public and also looking to feature on an upcoming TV series as the main actress. The future looks bright.

Did Utawezana video change your life in any way? 

I wouldn’t say that the viral video has changed my life, but TikTok has personally changed my life.

I never knew that you could have a platform where you could express yourself in all the manners that you would want to; it doesn’t know when you are about to cry or when you are happy. TikTok just gives me a happy feeling in a way that I cannot explain. 

Is it true that you turned down a job as a TV host for Wasafi TV?

I have never turned down a job opportunity from Wasafi since I have never been approached by them.

That would be a big opportunity; when it comes, I will warmly take it. Whatever was reported on blogs was fake news; they didn’t even contact me personally or my management.

What are your plans to remain consistent and stay relevant in the entertainment field?

First of all, I do what I do because it is what I love and I will continue doing it. I won’t stop creating content or acting because of the feeling that I have already gone viral.

This is what has made me come out on the public domain. So, I will continue with this journey, because it is what I love doing.

How do you balance school and your other engagements in entertainment?

The good thing is that I attend evening classes from 4:30pm-8:30pm. So, during the day, I create content.

It is just all about time discipline. When I am in class, I stick to what is in class then when it is time for content creation or acting, I put all my mind and strength there. 

Which celebrity do you look to work with in future?

As of now, I can only mention one. I have not really thought about the others, but we are moving slowly and I will be looking at that a little bit later. For now I am working with Flaqo. 

What are your future plans and aspirations?

Before venturing into acting career, I have always fancied a job as a TV or radio presenter after clearing my college studies.

I do have a few endorsement gigs coming from Uganda that I am really looking forward to. Lastly, I have always dreamt of landing in Hollywood one day as an actor. 

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