Meet Charles Karumi jack of all trade – actor, vlogger, radio/TV presenter

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 16:34 |
Charles Karumi - actor, vlogger, radio/TV presenter.

Many more Kenyan creatives are getting into the YouTube space, curving it into one of the biggest platforms to showcase their talent and earn a living. GRACE WACHIRA looks at some of the content creators calling the shots on the site in 2019 

Majority of the who is who of the Kenyan YouTubers started out small on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. While there, they generated a sizeable online following and ‘upgraded’ their social media posting into video content. 

Some of the veteran Kenyan YouTubers are fashion vlogger Joy Kendi and Joanna Kinuthia, a make-up vlogger.

Natalie Tewa, who has more than 43,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, has over the years vlogged about her travels and all things hair and beauty, lifestyle and fitness.

Wabosha Maxine, 23, started off on the video-sharing platform with an easy ‘How To’ video. She was among the YouTubers feted this year with the YouTube Silver Play Button alongside the WaJesus Family (Kabi and wife Milly) for getting to more than 100,000 subscribers.

The WaJesus Family joined YouTube three years ago and have since carved out their niche audience. They vlog about their faith and their personal everyday lives.

In May this year, comedian Henry Desagu received his Silver Play Button Award from YouTube in collaboration with the Kenya Film Classification Board. At the time, his channel had about 140,000 subscribers.

Perhaps the reason Desagu has amassed such a loyal following is because of how relatable his videos are to his target audience.

His skits are pegged on everyday life, the run-ins with girls and the occasional sponsored content where he markets corporate merchandise. He currently has more than 277,000 subscribers.

Kate Kamau.

Comedian Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush serves doses of satirical vines day-in day-out. Together with his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye, their channel boasts more than 255,000 subscribers.

Two years ago, comic Jaymo Ule Msee transitioned from posting his content on Facebook to YouTube. Along with his team, they go all out to give reality check videos with sarcasm and satire.

A group of friends joined hands three years ago and began a channel called Over 25. On the channel, they discuss all things over 25 delving into relationships and friendships on their more than 62,000 multitude of subscribers.

Reality checks

Natural hair guru Craving Yellow has also amassed a 60,500-strong following on her channel. In the videos, she talks everything natural hair with occasional vlogs and videos about her life.

Chebet Ronoh, known for her witty vines joined YouTube this year and began with a ‘question and answer’ upload. Her channel, Great Day, has gathered the pace and she now has more than 55,300 subscribers.

She brings all her sarcasm to this space and recently, the media personality did another ‘Q&A’ video with her colleague, the controversial Andrew Kibe, a radio presenter.

Maxine Wabosha.

With 28,500 subscribers, YouTuber Wahura Kabutha is a storyteller par excellence; a natural entertainer.

Wahura goes ham when sharing her escapades and cues her native and British accents making the videos even better.

Vlogger Wanjiru Njiru does lifestyle and fashion vlogging and has been consistent when it comes to bringing us up to speed with where to shop.

Once in a while, she features her boyfriend, gospel artiste Ben Cyco, and together, they churn hilarious video content.

New entrants

In October this year, actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress excited netizens when she made her debut on YouTube. She said on her maiden upload: “Finally, welcome to my YouTube’s been a long time coming and now, we can interact more.”

Jaymo Ule Msee.

She took the opportunity to announce her recent ambassadorship. “I am officially the brand ambassador for Zaron Cosmetics Kenya,” she beamed. Her channel now boasts about 49,000 subscribers.

Yummy Mummy, who joined YouTube in 2018, talks all things motherhood, marriage and life. Occasionally, she does videos with her husband and she has won the hearts of mothers and plus-size women.

Thanks to her online following, the former public relations practitioner landed a spot on a local TV show as a host.

But the ultimate guru on these streets got to be comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill. His channel has more than one million subscribers. Reruns of his television show are available on YouTube and Kenyans clearly love their dose of laughter.

As the curtains come down on the year, we can only watch the space and wait to see what the YouTube space has in store for our creatives in 2020.

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