Meet a Kenyan plus size model, fledging make-up artist

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 00:00 |
SHELLY MUKAMI aka ‘Shellysophisticatedrythm’ is a Kenyan plus size model.

SHELLY MUKAMI aka ‘Shellysophisticatedrythm’ is a Kenyan plus size model, fledging make-up artist, vlogger and digital influencer, who has carved a name for herself in the digital space. She chats with CHEBET KORIR about her fashion influences

Define your style.

I have a bold personality, so I go anything that brings out my curves. I break the rules when it comes to fashion and I dress according to my body type, but I try to evolve with the trends.

Most of my dresses are custom made so I specifically tell my stylist exactly how I want to look.

Has your fashion sense evolved?

It’s still evolving. I learn something different every day, but now I am more confident in my skin. So, I am not afraid to wear some things unlike before where I would cover everything up.

How did your career begin in the world of content creation?

I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera, so it was quite easy for me besides the fact that I have a degree in journalism. It started doing it for fun, but it soon became a hustle.

Please take us through your ideation process?

Most of my ideas are based on personal experiences and current trends. It starts with a thought that I explore further to make an idea for execution.

Sometimes I do take ideas from my viewers because they play a huge role in the content I churn out.

What gives you the competitive edge? 

I believe I am very relatable and being a self-proclaimed body activist, it sets me apart.

Which are the monetisation avenues for your YouTube channel?

I have worked with a few brands and I am hoping to work with more this year. The advertisements that run on my channel are one of the ways I get money.

Tell us a bit about your make-up enthusiasm and partnerships.

Currently, I am working with Canvas Cosmetics, a Kenyan make-up brand for the on-the-go woman.

My make-up skills have improved over the years, and that has been a big plus for my craft. And the thought has crossed my mind to pursue a career in make-up artistry.

Is it easy to get satisfaction as a make-up artist?

For me, it’s getting the perfect lip shade for a woman who is trying make-up for the first time that gives satisfaction. It makes me happy when she leaves with a smile on her face.

How about the art of infusing fashion and make-up skills in your YouTube? 

Make-up has become something that most women are getting acquainted with. So, for me, a great outfit needs to have a great make-up do. In this case, I try to show people how to go about it. It’s all about practice, which eventually makes perfect.

What’s the project you are most proud of?

Being a finalist in the inaugural edition of the Miss Kenya Plus World in 2019. It was a life-changing experience.

The pageant brought out so much confidence in me. Walking on that runway was powerful. I am super proud that we changed the narrative and defied society’s vision of what a good body should look like.

What are the first items you gravitate towards when shopping?

 Figure-hugging dresses.

Item of clothing or accessory you often wear?

Black jeans. They are very easy to style.

Who’s your style icon?

Toke Makinwa. She is a Nigerian lifestyle entrepreneur. She an inspiration to me. 

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