Media houses risk rebuke from Parliament after Kang’ata fake story

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 00:00 |
Irungu Kang’ata. Photo/PD/File

Four media houses risk being barred from accessing the precincts of Parliament for allegedly publishing derogatory stories and videos showing Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata’s speaking from a famous Nairobi restaurant during an online debate.

They are Citizen TV (Digital), The Star Online (Digital), K24 and Kameme FM.

Rising on a point of order on the floor of the Senate yesterday, Kang’ata claimed the four media stations picked up a fake story and gave it legitimacy.

“They have flouted clear provisions of the Standing Orders which we passed.

I therefore urge you Mr Speaker to take serious action against the editors of the four platforms,” the senator said.

Kang’ata detailed how he logged into the parliamentary system while he was outside the chambers and was making a request on the plight of farmers who remain unpaid by the Murang’a County Government and therefore making them suffer.

“When I tried to log in externally, there was a small technical problem and therefore I decided to come to the chamber and make that request orally on the floor of the House,” he said.

He added that it appears somebody manipulated Tuesday’s Senate proceedings and gave a false voicing over which created the impression that he was speaking from a bar.

“For the record, yours truly has never touched any drop of beer or any form of alcohol product since the time yours truly was born.

Yours truly has never taken any cigarette, yours truly has never taken any form of drugs since he was born,” he explained.

‘That is based on my very strong religious upbringing. Therefore, anyone who purported to show me in such kind of a setting is not only insulting me at a very personal level, insulting my religion,” he added.

“Yours truly happens to be a family man, he has four children and they’re all young.

Therefore, to the extent I was defamed, a person did a false voice over, to me that was something that was very hurting to my family,” he added.

 “They come to Parliament, they record and they get access to public facilities. This is not personal Mr Speaker.

If we allow this to go on, I have no doubt tomorrow another Senator will be in the same problem. Today it is Kang’ata, tomorrow it’s another Senator.” He held.

He urged Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka to seize the opportunity to call the concerned editors to appear before the Power and Privileges Committee of the House and so as to take remedial actions.

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