Meaty pleasure to kick lockdown stress away

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 00:00 |
Nyama choma served at the Tankard. Photo/PD/RODGERS NDEGWA

Chebet Korir @chebetkorir

It felt good stepping out for the first time. Yap, I have been indoors and assuming those random eat out plans from friends.

While at it, my kitchen was my favourite spot; I have tried every recipe I could think of and outdone myself while at it.

That’s a story and an article for another day. However, I needed a breather, away from my usual routine of cooking and posting pictures on my Instagram page. 

Well, I was in dire need of some nyama choma at a decent and relaxed joint. So, off I took an Uber and dashed to the Tankard, a popular barbecue lounge located along Ngong road, Ngando, Dagoretti South.

It’s a restaurant that opened eighteen years ago and one of those joints you cannot miss because of it’s large signboard.

Having visited a few times prior, I rated it as a decent eat out lounge and I was pleased to see that it has seriously raised its game on the food front. 


We were received by the manager, Anthony Theuri who was quite pleased to have us.

We found a comfortable place to sit as we were eagerly waited to order our meal.

For sure, it felt good to be back. You will be amazed as to how huge the establishment is, probably big enough to accommodate a wedding after-party or more so a gathering of more than 300 people. 

The décor hadn’t changed much since the last time I visited. Tankard has rustic décor, red couches and stools for the locals who pop in for a pint. 

It’s all about the simple and tasty locally sourced food and that’s what has made me visit the place severally.

The Tankard has been well known for their a la carte menu and a set of lunch menu that ranges from Sh300 to Sh800 depending on your food order.

The simple yet tasty appetizers that included samosas with salad on the side set the tone for our meal.

I was impressed, the bites were meaty and flavourful. Remember choma was the main reason for our visit, but I was spoilt for choice.

We started with a platter of fried goat probably an obvious meal, but it’s one of those meals you must order when you come here. 

It was stunning, cooked to perfections with hints of garlic, ginger and a dash of rosemary. 

Long serving workers

It was a homely meal. We then ordered for a half nyama choma with a side of fries.

It comes without saying that most people think making the perfect choma is as easy as boiling water, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nyama choma is an age-old tradition of grilling meat on direct flame until the outside fat is fully rendered and crispy and the inside is juicy and well cooked.

The meat was quite succulent with fatty ends that will make you salivate for more. 

There was no more space for the French fries, but I opted for a takeaway.  

I would recommend the place, especially for meat lovers. There is also an attractive bar on its upper floor and drinks range from Sh 250 to Sh1,000.

It also gets bustling during the day. There is also a bar on the upper floor.

Our visit was off-season and the restaurant and bar were reasonably full.  Service was a bit stretched on this day, but you wouldn’t miss a waiting staff. 

Some of the staff members have been working at this establishment for over ten years.

The likes of Mr Theuri, the manager has been part of Tankard for more than 15 years.

“I have been here through the ups and downs and the zeal has always pushed me to be good at what I do,” says Theuri.  

Everyone was friendly and once the service got going the food turned up at a reasonable pace.

Overall I enjoyed and would return regularly if it was not far from where I live.

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