Mbusi: Responsible co-parenting to solve indiscipline in learners

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 13:52 |

Inspired by their many fans who complain about being deserted after getting their bundle of joy, popular radio presenter Mbusii has vowed to join in the fight for the rights of women against their 'deadbeat' partners.

Alongside his co-host Liondeh, Mbusi has emphasised on the need to have responsible co-parenting to ensure we have a vibrant society. "The reason why school-going children have become a nuisance in recent days is majorly because of parenting.

"People should take care of their children," Mbusi said during a visit to the Ruai Family Hospital where they gifted the entire maternity wing.

"Majority of our fans fall under this category and after numerous appeals to intervene for them, we decided to give the new mothers a reason to smile. Nothing beats a smiling mom," he added.

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