Maseno University lecturer dies at home after collapse

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 10:00 |
Jasper Otieno.

A Maseno University lecturer collapsed and died in Nairobi on Monday, only a day before he was scheduled to defend his Phd thesis.

Jasper Otieno, 50, is said to have died while reading at his home in Nairobi.

The lecturer was slated to defend his thesis in mass communication yesterday.

“We got the information from his wife that he collapsed in the living room while reading.

We haven’t established the exact cause of the sudden death,” Owen Onyango, the university’s public relations officer.

“We haven’t heard from the family whether he had any underlying condition that might have led to his death,” Owen said.

Otieno has been a lecturer for mass communication in the institution for the past seven years.

 He taught at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication before joining Maseno University.

He is credited for mentoring hundreds of journalists  practising in various media houses .

Several journalists he mentored poured tribute to the late Otieno describing him as a dedicated servant.

Passionate journalist

Maureen Odiwuor  a former journalist with the Standard  Group and now communication officer at the Lake Victoria Water Works described him as a great mentor who was dedicated to the progress of his students.

Odiwour said:  “You taught at KIMC and we met again at Maseno. I will never forget how you were passionate about journalism”.

A communication and media technology lecturer in Maseno University said the deceased was watching the senate revenue debate on TV when he collapsed.

“I got the news of his death at around three o’clock. I lost a hardworking honest and active colleague,” said George Ojuondo, communication and media technology.

Lenox Otieno, communication officer in  Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s office said: “You always monitored our progress and would always criticise us when went against the professional requirements. You will be missed”.

Otieno joined Maseno University in 2013 as a lecture in the communications and media department and once served as the institution’s public relations director.

He previously lectured at the Kenya Polytechnic, now the Technical University of Kenya.

Colleagues described him as a hard working tutor who was passionate about journalism.

His Head of Department, Dr Charles Nyambuga said: ‘We have lost a true servant was instrumental in our institution.”

The late  Otieno is survived by a widow and four children.

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