Marsabit, Wajir leaders condemn inter-clan conflicts eruption

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 22:37 |
Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali

Leaders from Marsabit and Wajir have come together to condemn the eruption of another round of inter-clan conflicts along the common border of the two counties.

Yesterday, a section of the leaders from the two counties met in Nairobi and condemned the ongoing inter-clan clash which has so far seen at least seven people dead which began a few days ago.

Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali; his Wajir counterpart, Mohamed Abdi and Eldas Member of Parliament, Adan Keynan called for an immediate stop to the tensions.

“We will no longer condone further merciless killings of innocent citizens and banditry in the area, terming the clashes as lawless and interference to peace and development,” they unanimously said at a hotel in Nairobi.

The tensions begun last weekend and continued through the week seeing over 100 households being affected with most of the members fleeing to Basir village in the neighbouring Eldas Sub-County.

Ali expressed concern on the impact of the clashes on the general development in the county further stating that he will not allow certain elements within the community to disrupt peaceful co-existence.

“It is worrying that instead of focusing on developing our county, our communities have resolved to fight amongst each other despite the efforts we have put in fostering peace. We are aware of those fuelling these conflicts and we are determined to finding them,” he said.

He said time has come when certain elements perpetuating the conflict and seeking to destabilise peace in the region should be exposed. “We know you and your days are numbered. We also ask members of the community to report any individual involved in lawlessness,” he added.

His sentiments were echoed by his Wajir counterpart, Abdi who noted that both counties will be working closely with security forces to track down those behind the conflict. This is not the first time the region is experiencing inter-clan clashes, which is usually fuelled by fights over pasture for their animals among other resources.

“We can no longer condone the killings and theft taking place between communities living in Marsabit and Wajir. We condemn them in the strongest terms possible and are working closely with security forces who have been put on high alert in maintaining the peace,” he said.

Over the years, the two clans have come into loggerheads for some flimsy reasons over competition for resources but leaders think that there people pushed by selfish historical clan and political interests that are behind the clashes.

The two leaders have further called for a reconciliation meeting tomorrow to discuss issues behind the conflict in finding possible solutions to them. The meeting will also open up avenues for follow-up discussions between communities.

“We want to enjoy the fruits of devolution and economic development in our counties. We are calling on our communities to stop the fighting that has killed our people and deterred our economic and social progress,” Keynan added his voice.

It is reported in sections of the media that on Wednesday, Wajir County Deputy Governor Ahmed Muktar, members of the county security team and Kenya Red Cross Society officials visited the area on a peace mission.

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