Married Embu men decry mistreatment by their wives, children

Sunday, August 1st, 2021 14:27 |
Bishop Dr. Moses Masamba of ACK Mbeere Diocese. PHOTO/BRIAN MALILA

Due to rampant cry by Embu men that they are being beaten by their spouse Mbeere Diocese ACK Bishop Dr. Moses Masamba has extended his grace to address the challenges of domestic violence.

The bishop recalled all men in his dioceses who are members of Kenya Anglican Men Association (KAMA) to address the issues arising in marriage.

They cited physical abuse,denial of conjugal rights on flimsy grounds and cold war in their marriage.

Bishop Masamba said the cry by Embu married men over misuse prompted him to organize for such a forum so that they can have an engagement and find amicable solution for the challenges in marriage.

Dr. Masamba urged married people to embrace dialogue and respect in their marriages once the issues araise instead of harming each other.

"People should talk when there is problem,lets also cultivate respect in our marriage, men respect your wives and vice versa and also children,"said Bishop Masamba.

He attributed some marriage challenges to stress and urged spouses to be opening up to councilors when there is a problem to avert domestic wrangles.

His sentiments were echoed by lawyer Ambrose Wenda who said that a man being the head of the family there is high expectations from him and when one fails it bring issues.

He said men now are facing challenges because many have no jobs and with high expectations in family they find themselves between a rock and hard place on mechanisms to satisfy the family.

Wenda noted that men were being laughed at because of failing to meet the needs of the family and stated this might be a problem to marriage.

He noted that the situation has contributed to frustrations among men which push some opting for drug abuse to ease the pressure in marriage that escalating the problems.

The lawyer also said now women through the constitution has empowered women to almost being equal to men and men feel their voices deamed in marriage.

He urged the government to empower men because they are the head of the family and family expect much from them.

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