Marakwet elders endorse MP Wamalwa to succeed Gov Khaemba

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 08:01 |
Kiminini mp Dr. Chris Wamalwa ( pictured left) with former Inspector general of Police David Kimaiyo where he was installed as a Marakwet elder.

Elders of the Marakwet community living in Trans Nzoia county have initiated Kiminini Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa into their council and endorsed him to succeed Patrick Khaemba as the Trans Nzoia governor.

The elders also denounced a group that opposed Wamalwa's crowning as a Marakwet elder.

They said Kenya is cohesive for all communities to coexist together and told off those still living in the past.

Led by Samuel Keree, the elders said their resolution to anoint Kiminini legislator Chris Wamalwa to succeed Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba shouldn't be misconstrued as an insult but a blessing for the community interests.

They urged all the communities living in Trans Nzoia to embrace peace, saying divisive politics should be shunned.

Speaking to the People Daily at Cherangany where week held the initiation ceremony last week and which was also attended by former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and former MP Boaz Kaino, the elders called for inclusiveness in the sharing of resources among all communities.

They denounced a group led by Thomas Kanda for going against the decision made by the council of elders.

The former IG Kimaiyo said the community needed to co-exist peacefully with others in pursuit of peace and told off those who want to cause divisions among other tribes.

''We are calling upon our people to avoid politics of hate and reject all those advancing tribal agenda which may not augur well with Kenyans. It is time for us Kenyans to unite against tribal, social and political inclinations,'' said the former IG Kimaiyo.

Former MP Kaino dismissed those preaching hatred and asked the church to lead from the forefront in uniting all Kenyans.

A section of elders led by Thomas Ruto had voiced dissatisfaction after Kiminini MP was blessed as a Marakwet Elder, saying the community had not been consulted.

The MP, however, said he was greatly honoured to have been invited by the council of elders and assured them that he would strive to ensure their inclusivity in leadership.

He urged residents to be prayerful and united in ensuring that they accommodate each other's opinions rather than resorting to letting things get out of hand.

''The Bible says seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and it shall be opened to you. We need nothing but prayer to overcome all challenges that may come but above all let us remain peaceful,'' he said.

Additional reporting by Njange Maina

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