Manhunt for over 30 youth after rivalry saw one injured, houses set ablaze

Thursday, May 27th, 2021 17:07 |
Police in Kisumu in the hunt of over 30 youth
John Juma and his wife whose house was on Thursday set ablaze by irate youths in a revenge attack: PHOTO/VIOLA KOSOME

Police in Kisumu are tracking down over 30 youths alleged to have set on fire two houses on Thursday after a rivalry between two villages.

The youths from Ofunyu village, Kisumu East Sub-County are said to have torched the houses following the death of a fellow youth who succumbed to injuries after being attacked at the neighbouring Otera village.

Confirming the incident, Kisumu East OCPD James Musyimi told People Daily that the arson attack was reported to them by the area assistant chief Bonface Modho.

"A group of 30 people in number from Ofunyu village without any provocation undertook to cause fear and meted physical violence against some residents of Otera village and their properties," said Musyimi.

Musyimi informed us that OCS Kasagam and a team of officers immediately rushed to Otera village and managed to quell the situation.

"After assessing the damages and injuries caused by the youths, we established that two houses were set ablaze," he said.

He added that one of the houses belonged to John Juma whose household items were reduced to ashes.

Among the property destroyed in the fire were items of clothing, 4 TV sets, one sofa set and other assorted items all estimated at a value of Ksh650,000.

The other house belonged to George Onyango who was stabbed on the head and stomach while his house was torched.

Musyimi said Onyango was rushed to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching And Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) where he was admitted and is undergoing treatment.

The irate youths are also said to have smashed windows of other houses as they were fleed from the scene of crime.

According to police, the motive is alleged to have been a revenge mission after a youth whose identity is yet to be revealed was attacked and injured while escorting a friend by another youth from the rival Otera village .

A suspect by the name Brian Okoth, 25 has been arrested in relation to the attack and will be arraigned in court on Friday .

The Kisumu East OCPD urged the residents to seek better ways of resolving conflict amicably instead of taking matters in their hands.

He also plead with parents to check on their children and teach them to be responsible members of society who can live well with people.

"All I am appealing for is peace and harmony in the community," he said.

John Juma whose house was reduced to ashes further appealed for help from the government.

"I have lost hope and do not know where I will begin from. I don't know why they choose to torture me and my family yet I have done nothing wrong. All I I'm pleading for is justice," he said.

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