Man buys 171 villagers food for weeks

Monday, March 30th, 2020 13:18 |

Imagine some a romatic chips masala and delicately grilled fish delivered right at your doorstep yet parting with zero shilling on a cold and miserable Friday afternoon as the stay-home and curfew misery bites!

Well, it remains a lofty dream in Kenya, but somewhere in the UK, this is a dream come true.

BBC News reported a mystery man has arranged to buy his entire village fish and chips to bring the community together during the coronavirus lock down!

How thoughtful and kind! Stephen Davidson, owner of The Fox Inn in Dench worth, Oxford shire, said he had been recruited by his fellow villager.

He said he also wanted to show “how important pubs are to village life” and hoped others would follow his lead. The meals will be delivered on Friday and there are plans for more in the coming weeks.

The generous donor was nota frequent user of the pub, MrDavidson explained.

“He was prepared to fund,once a week, a takeaway forevery member of the village,”Mr Davidson said.

“He said he’d like to do it for a minimum of 12 weeks. Depending how things go he may up it to two a week.

“He may carry it on longer than that depending on the need and the take up on it.” All 171 villagers are entitled to a free meal of fish and chips.

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