Man blames Satan for defiling, impregnating teenage stepdaughters

Friday, January 8th, 2021 00:00 |
Akorino pastor at Kirinyaga Law Court when he pleaded to the charges two weeks ago. He will serve 140 years for defiling two daughters. Photo/PD/File

A Kirinyaga father who on Monday pleaded guilty to two counts of defiling and siring children with his stepdaughters has been convicted of incest.

In his defence before the court, John Gichini asked for forgiveness from both the court and his family for having committed the offence, as he blamed Satan for misleading him. 

“I deeply regret having caused harm to my family and would plead with this court to forgive me as every human being can go wrong,” Gichini pleaded with the court. 

He said before the violations that led him in conflict with the law, he was a law-abiding citizen. “I have never committed crimes of such nature.”

The accused, who is said to be a church elder, was arrested on Sunday in Mbeere South from a hideout. 

He was convicted yesterday by Baricho Senior Principal Magistrate Antony Mwicigi. Gichini will be sentensed on January 14. 

In the meantime, the suspect will remain at Kerugoya GK Prison as the court awaits reports from the probation officer, including an analysis of how the crime has affected the two complainants. 

The accused appeared before the court for the second time yesterday, after the court granted the prosecution team a three-day period to gather necessary documents that ascertain the minors’ age. 

State prosecutor Patricia Gikunju presented the exhibits — birth certificates, baptismal certificates, medical reports, maternity and P 3 documents — that verified the ages which are 16 and 14 years, respectively. 

Report will also indicate the status of the second complainant’s pregnancy. 

Gichini, 51, is facing sexual misconduct that led to the impregnation of the first daughter now raising his seven-month-old baby while his second stepdaughter is five months pregnant for him. 

The court heard that the first offence was committed on diverse dates between June 1 and 30, 2019 while the second was committed between August 1 and 31 last year in Kinyakiru village, Ndia constituency. 

Gichini further told the court he was ignorant of his daughters’ age but knew they were minors as he married their mother when the children were already born.

If convicted, Gichini may serve 25 years imprisonment for each of the two offences. -KNA

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