Man arrested for allegedly killing younger sister

Monday, June 8th, 2020 00:00 |

By David Musundi

Police in Kitale have arrested a teenage boy in connection with the killing of his sister after the two engaged in a bitter quarrel following the girl’s continued cohabitation with a boy the family had warned her against.

Trans Nzoia county police commander Ayub Gitonga Ali said the 20-year -old is said to have quarreled with her 18-year-old sister who warned him to desist from interfering in her relationship with her boyfriend.

 The man, who was infuriated by the harsh tone from her sister, is said to have pounced on her and hit her with a blunt object on the head, causing fatal wounds.

The accused, who is now 20  and can’t be named for legal reasons is being held at Kitale Police Station and will be charged with the murder of his sister on Monday June 8.

At the time of the killing, the brother and sister’s parents were reported to have been out of their home.

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