Malawi new president pledges accountability, calls for rebuilding country

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 00:00 |


Malawi new president, Lazarus Chakwera was inaugurated Monday with a pledge for accountable leadership and a challenge to all Malawians to stand up and join in rebuilding the country.

Chakwera was inaugurated at Malawi Defense Force Headquarters, Kamuzu Barracks, in Lilongwe, before a sizeable audience strictly admitted in with total adherence to COVID-19 preventive measures.

He said Malawi requires rebuilding "from the rubble of corruption, passivism, laziness and donor dependency" among others.

"Today, I promise to give this country my best and do my best for you as your servant. More importantly, I promise to set a good example of submitting myself to the constitutional processes, provisions, and institutions that are designed to ensure that the President and Vice President are always at their best," said Chakwera.

He added that as required by law, he will make a full declaration of his assets each year and that he will go to the parliament to be questioned about his handling of state affairs.

The new Malawi leader further said he will propose legislation to reduce the powers of the presidency and empower institutions to operate independently, including the parliament and the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Chakwera also committed to meeting with the leader of opposition personally every three months to listen to alternative ways of running government affairs.

The president also stressed on the need for Malawians to commit themselves to hard work to rebuild the country.

"The time of giving free handouts and rewarding noisemakers and hand-clappers who are too lazy to work is past. We have a country to build and not a moment to waste. So, let's all get to work," he said.

He further challenged development partners to respect the country's vision and plans and to partner with Malawi in ways that respect the dignity of the people and sovereignty of the country; not ways that undermine it. Local political commentators have since hailed Chalmers for preaching accountability and hard work "to haul Malawi from the poor economic status it is in".

Chakwera emerged winner in the June 23 fresh election in which he amassed about 59 percent beating Peter Mutharika. (Xinhua)

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