Makushabu speaks out on his rebranding

Friday, April 23rd, 2021 01:00 |

Manuel Ntoyai @Manuel_Ntoyai

Milan-based Kenyan rapper Makushabu has broken his silence after releasing new music titled Mic Check that he says defines the new side of him.

The rapper says the Covid-19 pandemic has affected him as any other creative and was forced to put things on hold as Italy went on a lockdown, but that period gave him a chance to re-examine his style and brand.

“ I wanted to rebrand from my style and make my brand under my Foundation Watalii Music a different entity.

The lockdown gave me a chance to do all that and I believe my fans and all music lovers will like it,” he told Spice on phone.

At the same time, Makushabu has revealed that while he is working on his new album, he will be partnering with Italian producer and artiste BR. 

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