Makini Schools boss dismisses claims of poor management

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 00:00 |
Chief executive officer Adam Nichols.

The management of  Makini Schools has dismissed claims of running down the institution, saying significant investments have been made towards academic excellence for learners.

Chief executive officer Adam Nichols yesterday termed as malicious and injurious, allegations by the Parents Teachers  Association (PTA), saying  the institution has made significant progress since Scholé Limited acquired stake from the founder, Dr Mary Okello.

Speaking to People Daily, Nichols dismissed allegations that the school has been losing students saying there has been a five per cent increase since the new management took over.

He said as at last term, the number of students stood at 3,600 up from 3,400 last year and quite a number are on the waiting list and on the look out for opportunities to join the schools.

And responding to reports of closure  of a campus along State House road, Nichols said plans are underway to relocate it to a larger site to allow it accommodate more children.

“Makini Schools are expanding and for the State House Satellite campus, we are expanding to another location to create more space for learners,” said Nichols.

As far as restructuring is concerned, Nichols said it is meant to prepare Makini for growth, saying contrary to reports, a 16 per cent pay rise was given to employees last month, which is an addition to 7 per cent in January.

With regards to PTA’s accusation that they are not involved while key decisions are made, Nichols said it would have been inappropriate to involve parents in sensitive personnel issues.

Parents who spoke to the People Daily last week and sought anonymity for fear of exposing their children to victimisation, said a considerable number of them are considering withdrawing their children from the school that has had exemplary exam performances over the years.

Sour relations between the two began when the PTA   accused the management of turning Makini into a profit-driven entity as opposed to maintaining high academic standards.

Parents complaints

The PTA also feels many members of staff have been unfairly targeted, especially those who have been in the institution for a long time, some of whom have moved to court over their sacking.

It has also emerged that teachers handling this year’s national exam candidates have not been spared either and parents are worried about performance in the examinations due in two months.

It is against this backdrop that PTA wrote to Education CS George Magoha last month asking him to intervene. 

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