Making Kenya great responsibility of all

Friday, November 13th, 2020 00:00 |
President Uhuru Kenyatta.

What should worry every Kenyan — leaders and citizens alike — is what the country will look like in future and what future generations will say of our crop with regards to the outlook.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his State of the Nation Address yesterday, underscored the need for a bright Kenya: “A Kenya where no one will ascend to a high public office on account of their tribe.

A Kenya where no capable person will wallow in poverty because of poor governance.

A Kenya where our potential as a people will be exploited for the greatness of our nation.

A Kenya where we will all share equitably in the prosperity of our nation.”

The romanticised country should be everyone’s dream as it will ensure prosperity, peace and unity. Every citizen should strive for the achievement of the ideal nation. 

According to the President, the pathway to a united Kenya is the Building Bridges Initiative, whose taskforce report recommends a change to sections of the Constitution that have not attained intended purposes.

However, since the launch of the BBI report, reactions have been fast and furious with the camps supporting and opposing outdoing each other in a shouting match.

But one thing remains constant; our society is fractious and the glue that holds us together is not as strong as it was before our politics became a matter of life and death.

We are faced with challenges that keep accumulating daily. A global pandemic that has ravaged the economy, corruption, depression and debilitating politics, among other things, that weigh us down.

It is on this basis that we urge every Kenyan to have one objective at heart: Ensuring the future of the country is stable and prosperous.

President Kenyatta yesterday said “this moment in time is our meeting with destiny.

When generations come long after we are gone, let them say we made the right decision; that we chose unity over division; that we dreamt of and birthed a happier, more harmonious and more prosperous nation.”

Differences are bound to be there but we should not lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Politicians will come and go; leaders will come and go but at the end of it all what country will be there for future generations? That is the country we should mould. 

We call on everyone to train their sights on this ultimate goal.

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