Majority of Kenyans stressed over virus impact, poll reveals

Monday, April 20th, 2020 00:00 |
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A majority of Kenyans are anxious and stressed over the impact of coronavirus, even as President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared the most trusted in giving information on the pandemic.

According to survey by Infotrak Research and Consulting firm, the Covid-19 has greatly affected the psychosocial wellbeing of most Kenyans with at least 82 per cent of those interviewed saying they are stressed. 

Another 65 per cent are feeling confused about what is happening.

The study released yesterday, shows that 72 per cent of Kenyans trust in formation on the deadly respiratory flu from the Health ministry and media.

“Some 65 per cent feel confined and trapped as a result of staying indoors and having nothing to do while at home. Another 55 per cent feel lonely and helpless,” reads the report.

On the hand, at least 38 per cent of Kenyans say they are suffering lack of sleep forcing them to look for other means to force sleep, while 33 per cent feel mistreated and another 29 per cent angry at the prevailing conditions.

Cushion country

At the same time, the survey shows that though Kenyans appreciate the President’s efforts to cushion the country during the coronavirus crisis, they still feel he could do more.

For instance, at least 50 per cent of the 831 people polled want the President to urgently address, among other things, to order a weekly or monthly stipend for vulnerable citizens and ensure that all Kenyan have access to affordable healthcare.

Another 32 per cent want Uhuru to ensure that vulnerable Kenyans are exempted from paying rent  with 23 per wanting him to protect jobs. 

Another 15 per cent want the government to complete tax relief for all workers with immediate effect, and five per cent of those polled asking the government to provide food to the vulnerable without delays.

In terms of providing information Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe and the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Mercy Mwangangi, 87 per cent and 85 per cent are trusted follow the President respectively in terms of trust. 

Others are County governments, administrative opinion leaders and media with 82 peer cent and 77 per cent trusting television and radio respectively.

Least trusted

Interestingly, social media, family and friends are the least trusted at between 35 and 36 per cent respectively.

Kenyans interviewed also applauded the performance of health workers, the President, Health ministry and the media for the role they are playing in dealing with the Covid-19.

However, a majority of Kenyans do not think Parliament, Judiciary and the police are doing enough in the fight against the disease.

A sample of 831 respondents was interviewed to represent the Kenyans adult population. The poll covered 24 out of the 47 counties of Kenya.

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