LSK asks Uhuru to dissolve Parliament within 21 days

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 16:22 |
Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi. Photo/PD/File

Following the advisory by the Chief Justice (CJ) David Maraga to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has said Parliament will be unlawful beyond October 12.

The LSK president Nelson Havi said the CJ's advisory to President Kenyatta to dissolve parliament takes effect after 21 days which will lapse on Oct 12.

While addressing the press on Wednesday, Havi also accused some governance institutions of belittling and berating the Chief Justice.

They said the dissolution is mandated by the Constitution of Kenya.

Havi said the duty of the President is to act under the Constitution and dissolve the Parliament within 21 days.

"The President will be in violation of the Constitution of Kenya should he fail to dissolve Parliament on or before October 12, 2020," said Havi.

Whether the President resolves to dissolve the August House or not, Havi said the institution will remain redundant.

He said the supremacy of the constitution cannot be challenged in any court, at least not in Judiciary where it originated.

Havi said he has also written to the National Treasury urging them not to disburse any remuneration for Members of the National Assembly and Senate beyond October 21.

He accused the Speakers of both houses of impunity and said writing to the Treasury was to prevent losses to the taxpayers in paying 'redundant' MPs.

Havi said LSK has also written to the Interior Ministry and the Inspector General of Police to withdraw security for all the lawmakers.

Havi said should the law makers fail to honor the advisory, LSK will lead Kenyans to occupy Parliament.

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