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By Perpetua Adoyo

Maureen Bandari is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creator, and the CEO of Bandari Beauty.

We take a look at her skincare routine and advice, that also makes Bandari Beauty a trusted source on the same.

Why did you start Bandari Beauty?

I started it initially by accident. I couldn’t get make-up for my skin tone in Mombasa at the time, so I started buying for myself online.

As usual with social media, people started asking me about some of the brands I had, especially foundations for darker skin.

At that point, I started the business, and I wanted to cater to melanin-rich women only, but with time, I realised so many people in Mombasa were yearning for good quality branded make-up and skincare in general, so I slowly started expanding and stocking more ranges while promoting my business even outside of Mombasa, where I lived at the time.

What are your skincare routine steps?

My routine is a bit complex, because no two days are the same. In a week, I divide it into a brightening routine night, an anti-aging routine night, a hydrating routine night, an exfoliating routine night and a treatment/skin barrier repair routine night.

This determines the serums I get to use on each night, but generally, they all follow the same sequence; I cleanse, exfoliate, and then use essence, followed by a serum, then a moisturiser, and lastly, sunscreen during the day or a nice sleeping mask during the night.

My daytime routine is usually simple, where I cleanse, use an antioxidant, moisturise and finish off with sunscreen.

What is the most important step in your skincare regimen?

They all complement each other, so it’s hard to choose, but when it boils down to basics, then I do the most important ones, which are, cleansing, moisturising and using sunscreen.

What step in your opinion shouldn’t anyone skip in a skincare routine?
I would definitely not skip wearing sunscreen.

What product do you think is essential for anyone trying to start and incorporate a skincare routine into their daily life?

A cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. I would also make sure to tailor them to your skin type and skin needs.

What should we look forward to in Bandari Beauty Box this month?

There will be a beauty box for December, which will also serve as a nice Christmas gift idea for loved ones. Expect less make-up in the box and more skincare for sure.

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