Love triangles and conflict of interest

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 05:24 |

Meet the three players involved in love triangles; the third love interest who is in love with someone else’s sweetheart; the primary partner with the bae who kisses another in the morning and kisses them in the evening; and the conflicted player with two loves.

The conflicted player is usually torn between loyalty and shared history with their primary partner, and the excitement of intense desire for a brand new love.

Their lives get more complicated if one or both partners don’t know about the existence of the other. They may have to spin a web of lies and excuses that may leave their heads spinning in confusion in a bid to maintain both relationships. They may also experience intense guilt during their quiet moments. They also run the risk of losing both relationships if they are caught.

The primary partner of the player will often sense the shift in the relationship as their sweetheart focuses less on them and more on the third love interest. They may realise the relationship have taken a negative trajectory with more fights, less attention or fake peace and mechanical displays of affection. Their hearts will agonise knowing something has shifted.

The third love interest may seem to be enjoying all the attention and special treats from the conflicted player. They may play their game so well, causing a separation between the primary couple. If this happens they will always wonder if their sweetheart is kissing someone else in the morning and kissing them in the evening.  They would also have to work hard to maintain the standards they have set up for themselves. They will spend many weekends and holidays alone, as the conflicted player spends time with this primary partner. 

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