Love at first night at Eden House

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 00:00 |
Eden House.

I recently discovered one of those little-known getaways in wonderful Malindi. Eden House is located in the town, on your way to Kililini Beach; just about 10 minutes walk from the beach.

The cottages are located in such a serene environment, you may miss it if you didn’t know it’s the exact location. It’s only until you are let in through the gates, that you realise what you are onto.

You’re suddenly surrounded by palm trees, green vegetation and peaceful silence… Indeed, we are talking about Eden.

The décor and artwork are inviting; from the sitting area around the pool area, the wooden furniture, the wall mounts and African-themed pillowcases.

“Africa has an attractive and wide culture, very unique and pleasant to tourists, both local and international.

This is why we went for this theme for the cottages. It has a strong Swahili feel, and the animal print is generally the Kenyan pride,” explained the cheerful manager, Ruth Okik, as she led us to our room.

The cottages are double-roomed, ideal for a family or a group getaway. The bedrooms are en suite and kitchens fully equipped, as it is self-catering.

We hadn’t brought our own food, but planned on doing so after this discovery, as I like my food made to my own taste.

Gladly, they still serve from their kitchen at an extra cost, and at least we wouldn’t be starving that evening.

According to the management, the visitors here vary, but are largely local, especially during the low seasons.

“We even have students visiting in groups, so the two rooms become an affordable option. The lowest charge for a cottage is Sh6,000 per night, so, if it is six people, at least everyone can pay Sh1,000 each.

That’s the maximum number of people per cottage because at least everyone will get a place to sleep comfortably,” added Ruth.

I loved the seemingly safe and relaxed neighbourhood, and we opted to take a walk around and also by the beach, before dinner.

It’s a good thing she mentioned the number of people allowed in a cottage because as we strolled around, we were thinking of our large squad that we need to bring along for the next trip.

Well, it is most definitely still happening, as truly, it’s a place one falls in love with at the first night.

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