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Friday, October 23rd, 2020 00:00 |
Evelynah Mukami alias Elah, 17. Form Four student Kerugoya Girls School.

Rapper and wordsmith King Kaka was the highlight of the night, as the Trace Live series of virtual concerts debuted.

The first installment of the gigs also featured artistes Fena, Femi One and , Amos & Josh.

Trace Live is designed to showcase the Kenyan culture and stories on issues that depict today’s environment for the youth in Kenya.

Showcased on Trace Eastern Africa Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages, the two-hour premier show dubbed ‘Kaka Sungura vs King Kaka’ was a battle between King kaka’s previous style of music and his current style of music.

It was a unique performance, the first of its kind where a single person battled against his two artiste personas on an online platform.

With a music catalogue of more than 50 songs divided between the two, the 'Swahili Shakespeare’s' performance easily hit more than 50,000 live virtual viewers across the digital platforms.

These events by Trace are a meant to empower local artistes by offering a platform to showcase their art, grow their following and allow them to earn a living especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that has put many artistes out of work.

In support of the government initiative to flatten the curve, Trace Live has scheduled five more concerts between the months of May and July.

These concerts promote social distancing by entertaining viewers in the comfort of their homes, which is essential in the fight against the coronavirus.

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