Locust outbreak reported in Botswana

Thursday, February 20th, 2020 11:45 |
A farmer attempts to scare away locusts from a farm in Mwingi North, Kenya, Feb. 7, 2020. (Xinhua/Fred Mutune)

Botswana has confirmed cases of African Migratory Locust, agriculture authorities have revealed.

Vellemiah Pelokgale, Chief Plant protection Officer on Tuesday said the locust outbreak has been reported in the North-West district of the country.

"The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security wishes to inform farmers and the public that there are confirmed cases of African Migratory Locust in Gumare, Ngamiland area," said Pelokgale.

Pelokgale urged farmers report any sighting of the locust to the nearest agricultural demonstrator or agriculture office.

Meanwhile, analysts at Moodys International Services have announced that the locust infestation is credit negative for agriculture-dependent countries.

Some of the Africa countries already affected by the locust infestation are Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia and have declared a national emergency.

According to Moodys rain over the next six months could compound the crisis given the locusts' sheer numbers and voracious appetite for important crops.

The UN Humanitarian office in Geneva estimates that a small swarm of locusts can consume enough food in a single day for 35,000 people. (Xinhua)

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